Street-Talk Defensive Driving

Become a Street-Talk Defensive Driving Provider

Become a Street-Talk Defensive Driving Provider

Some things to consider before becoming a Street talk provider.

Do you have some experience in marketing and access to a reliable source of new clients? The minimum number of students you need to be able to run a course is four students.

Do you have an “I” Instructor endorsement to do the practical sessions in the course? If not, you will need to get a qualified “I” endorsed Instructor to do the practical sessions for you.

Do you have good computer skills in Power Point and Excel, as these programs are used on the course. You will also need a data projector or TV monitor to present with.

Do you have access to a suitable venue?

To become an Advanced Course (Street-Talk defensive driving) provider you will need to complete the following steps:

Step 1 – Complete a Street Talk course with one of the providers and gain a certificate of completion. (This will give you an overview of the programme and help you decide if you want to facilitate the programme) A list of providers can be found on this website at the bottom of the home page. (

Step 2 – Hold unit standard 17975 (Plan, conduct and review interactive group learning for trainee drivers). Alternatively, hold unit standard 7097 (Deliver interactive training sessions for adult education).

Our contact for this is:

Nigel Wilkinson

Mobile 0273055155


Other qualifications that will be suitable are listed below:

A certificate, diploma or degree in teaching.

A diploma or degree in training and development.

A certificate in Adult education- level 4 or above.

Note: You will need to search the unit standard numbers on the NZQA website to find a local provider for the unit standards above.

Step 3 – Hold unit standard 14522 (Describe processes which lead to enhanced driver self-management). This is available from:

PassRite Auckland

Ph. 0800727774


Step 4 – Apply to the NZIDI Group to become a provider, by emailing the NZIDI Training Group app form to us at

NOTE: Your application must have the following attached:

1 – A copy of both sides of your Driver’s Licence.

2 – A copy of your Street Talk Certificate from step 1 above.

3 – Evidence of completion of any of the unit standards or qualifications listed in step 2 above.

4 – Evidence of completion of unit standard 14522 listed in step 3 above.

Step 5 – There are two options to choose from to complete a Street Talk facilitator Training Program.

1 – You can do training sessions online with  Zoom.

2 – You can choose to do your training with a qualified Street Talk facilitator.

At the end of the training from an existing provider, you will still need to be assessed by a Street Talk Trainer / Auditor to see if you are ready to run the courses on your own.

Note: We cannot allow you to do the practical training sessions until you have completed steps 1,2,3 and 4 above.

To discuss what training options are best for you please call us:

Harald Leeuwenburgh Phone or Text 027-226-4316 Email:

Wayne Young Phone or Text 027-240-8860 Email:

Please be aware if the minimum number of 3 applicants are not met for the three day training course, it will be deferred to another date. Please don’t make any travel and accommodation arrangements until the course is a confirmed. This will be approximately 2 weeks before the first session of the course.

There is no cost to attend the training courses. You just need to have completed steps 1,2,3 and 4 above.